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The Auction

Thursday 27th October 2022

Announcing the sad sale of The Hammond Microcar Collection including many spare parts & memorabilia.   

Viewing is at The Hammond Collection Museum, Boarden Lane, Hawkenbury, Kent TN12 0EB on Wednesday 26th October 9.30am-5.00pm. The auction is being held online, phone bids or in person by Charterhouse at their Sherborne Salerooms in Dorset on Thursday 27th October at 10.00am


The catalogue will be available to view and download from the auctioneers:

For further information regarding this unique auction of microcars contact:

Richard Bromell and the team at Charterhouse, The Long Street Salerooms, Sherborne, Dorset

01935 812277 or via

Our History

Back in 1975, Edwin & Jean Hammond were living in Sidcup. Their son, Andrew, was coming up 15 and wanted a motorcycle. Not happy about this, they bought him a Heinkel 3wheeled Bubblecar instead & set about restoring it as a Father/Son project. Edwin became fascinated with these small cars and made a point of visiting a microcar rally at Burford. He was hooked and according to Jean, “Edwin started collecting willy nilly”. These little cars where very uncool in the 1970/80’s and most were bought for a minimal sum, often saving them from the scrap heap. Not wishing to be outdone Jean founded RUMcars (Register of Unusual Microcars) in 1980, especially for those vehicles that had no specialist club and continues very successfully today. In 2003 the collection of around 47 microcars moved into the current purpose build structure and we are rightfully proud of having some of the rarest & frankly craziest little cars on the planet, each with their own fascinating story to tell.

"A wonderful collection of Microcars, located in the heart of Kent"



Clubs are very welcome to visit by prior arrangement and this is an ideal stopping off point for a road run.  We have a parking on hard standing for about 12 cars although many more can be accommodated on the lawn.  Visitors from numerous kinds of motor clubs, through to Young Farmers and Bygone Bus Tours, have joined us for an enjoyable trip down memory lane or for some a glimpse into the unfathomable world of microcars. We even have a quiz, aided by clues with a prize at the end, for junior inquisitor.

For Individual visitors, we encourage you to join us at our annual open day or link up with one of our pre-arranged club visits if possible.  Unfortunately there are not regular times when the collection can be viewed and visits must be by arrangement.

Our time is given freely, athough a donation towards the upkeep of the collection is greatly appreciated.

We have an OPEN DAY once a year – always on the last Sunday in July – when the collection can be viewed any time between 10.30 am & 4 pm. We combine with our Annual Rally, which is held over the same weekend. 

We also run a Camping and Caravan Club official campsite on the farm, with the advantage of being not far from the Channel ports and Tunnel.  Check out


The Archive of Microcars

The Archive of Microcars is a recently established charitable trust, set up by the trustees in 2018 preserve & digitalize the irreplaceable archive material amassed over the years, to enable access by all.  Whilst the project is in its infancy, there are exciting plans ahead.

Our invaluable Friends of the Museum Group come from far & wide with a multitude of skills sets that they willingly share to help us keep the collection in good order, support us with the annual Rally & Open Day and aid us with the many projects that we have on the go.  We are always looking for new ‘Friends’ to join us although you need not be from an engineering background, as all kinds of talents necessary, neither is there any obligation to make a commitment of time.  We just let you know what we are up to & you let us know if you can help.  

The Archive of Microcars

Contact Us

You can get in touch, via phone or email! 

The Collection is located in the Weald of Kent, between Ashford and Maidstone.

01580 893850

Contact Us

Thank you for the Hammond Collection

Contact Us
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